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September was yet another very successful month for Fanatic Games. Currently, we are finishing a big project for which we made 3D vehicle models. Other than that, we started negotiations with two new significant clients, for whom we started to work on test assignments. To sum up September, it was a month of new opportunities as we approach the finalization of some of our long-term collaborations and start new ones.

Ethical and Security Concerns of Outsourcing Game Development


Nowadays, it is becoming very common to outsource certain parts of the game development. However, there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing an outsourcing studio. This article provides an overview of the most important ones.

Top Five September News

Every month is very productive for the gaming industry and September was no exception. Below, you can find five pieces of news we regard the most interesting.

The sequel to God of War has been delayed due to Christopher Judge’s health. In 2019, he was unable to walk, got both of his hips replaced and on top of that, he underwent back and knee surgery.

Sony has released a new PlayStation 5 firmware. The long-awaited update added M.2 SSD support, 3D Audio for TV Spears and other features.

Platinum Games has set the release date of Bayonetta 3 for 2022. It has been announced in its newest trailer that Nintendo showed during the latest Nintendo Direct. The game was announced in 2017, so finally getting the release date out was a relieve for the community.

Remedy has announced the rumoured remastered version of the 11-year-old thriller Alan Wake, releasing on October 5, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Serie X/S.

SIE president and CEO of PlayStation Jim Ryan has announced that Horizon Forbidden West will include a free PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 upgrade after all. The initial decision not to include it lasted only a few days.

Statistics and Chart of the Month

Every month, there is something interesting happening in the gaming industry, and in this section, we look at numbers. The chart below shows the number of Active Video Gamers Worldwide from 2015 up to 2023, so it even contains a prediction for the following years.

It is common knowledge that videogames are played by all age groups. Have you ever wondered about the actual age breakdown? The statistics below shows exactly that, with the group 18-34 years being by far the most prominent.


Quote of the Month


Sony held a huge PlayStation Showcase presentation which brought several very interesting titles into light. One of them was a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a game every Star Wars fan wanted to be remade. Videogaming journalists sometimes know about such announcement much earlier, and Jason Schreier admitted that, as he said: “And here’s the game people have been hounding me about for years,” suggesting that he knew all along about the KOTOR remake.

Number of The Month

It’s been quite a while since Amazon announced their new game New World, so when the game actually came out on September 28th, everyone was curios how the game would do. And what a surprise we got, as a couple of days ago, it reached more than 900.000 concurrent players. 

Photo of the Month

Fanatic Games has been around for over two decades and has worked on several big projects. This time, we would like to remind you of NecroVisioN ,which brought us to an alternate history set during the First World War. It got enough popularity for Team 51 to develop its sequel, NecroVisioN: Lost Company, which was released about a year later.


Fanatic Games


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