What to Outsource: Key Factors to Consider

Outsourcing game graphics is becoming more and more common these days simply because it has a significant number of benefits. Those are for example streamlining the game development process, reducing costs or acquiring specifics skills the in-house team of the development studio might lack. However, we at Fanatic Games know that deciding which aspects of game graphics to outsourcing can prove to be challenging. So let us have a look at the key factors a client should take into account when deciding which graphics to outsource.


2D or 3D art?

Before we dive into the factors themselves, it is important to know what graphics you want to outsource, as the difference between 3D and 2D art is significant. The latter is often used in pre-production before the work on 3D is even started. While working on a 2D piece of art, the graphics designer needs to be very sensitive to the style in which the 2D art will be done.

To do so, the designer needs to have a variety of references, samples and also a general idea from the client to style their game. On the other hand, 3D is way clearer in this regard, as the game art outsourcing company usually needs just precise technical aspects and a sample 3D model.

Experience & Specific Skills

First things first. When deciding what game graphics to outsource, be honest with yourself and figure out what skills your in-house team does not have. Because if your team lacks necessary abilities or experience for a specific graphics task, it may be appropriate to outsource said task to an external outsourcing studio.

Costs and Budget

Outsourcing game graphics can significantly cut the costs of the whole project, especially in comparison with hiring an in-house team, as that requires the hiring process itself and training the new employees. If you hire an outsourcing studio, you skip both parts and you instantly gain access to already trained professionals.

Time Saving

Another thing to consider is the company’s time constraints and the time capacity of the in-house team. If the internal team already has enough tasks to complete and is too overwhelmed to complete the graphics design work, outsourcing may be the best solution. This will allow the in-house team to focus on important aspects of game development, while having the other tasks completed by the game art outsourcing company at the same time.

Coordination & Communication

Deciding which graphics tasks to outsource can be influenced by the need for coordination and communication. If you are working on a task that requires close cooperation and frequent and clear communication with an in-house team, it may be appropriate to carry out work internally. On the other hand, if the graphics task is clearly defined and does not require coordination, outsourcing could be the way to go.

Quality & Control

When you are considering outsourcing game graphics, it is important to assess the quality of the work and the level of control over the project you want to maintain. Outsourcing can provide access to a wide range of talent and creativity, but it also means that the control over quality of the work remains in the hands of the game art outsourcing company. Because of that, you should consider your expectations of quality and determine whether the outsourcing company is capable of meeting those requirements.

Confidentiality & Protection of Intellectual Property

If you decide to outsource a part of your game graphics, it can present certain risks in terms of confidentiality and intellectual property protection. Therefore, before outsourcing any of your game graphics, it is of high importance to consider whether the game art outsourcing company has a credible reputation and intellectual property protection measures they have in place.

Hire Professionals, Hire Fanatic Games

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