TOP Czech Games We Worked On

Since 2000, we’ve been game graphics experts and the top outsourcing company in the Czech Republic. Throughout our twenty-year experience, we’ve worked on dozens of projects from first-person shooters to racing games – games such as Mafia, Vietcong, or Euro Truck Simulator. In this article, we summarize some of the most interesting projects we worked on during our rich history.


Mafia: Definitive Edition

The remake of the beloved Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven had been announced and released in 2020, 18 years after its initial release. In comparison with the original Mafia, the game is built in Mafia 3 engine, Illusion, that gives it a brand-new look, beautiful textures, and rich environment, on which Fanatic Games contributed for two years as well. 

Apart from environment, we have also worked on cars and numerous scenes throughout the game. There are more than fifty passenger cars overall that all fit into the 1930’s setting of Mafia. Cars play a big part in the game – they not only look beautiful and you love driving them, but some of the levels, such as the car chase during which you save Sam, are entirely built around them. 

Mafia 3

The third installment of the famous Mafia series came out on October 7, 2016 and sold more than 7 million copies on all platforms. In contrast with the two previous games, Mafia 3 is set in the US in 1968 and is featuring a former criminal and Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay who is forced to come back to a life of crime to help his family overcome the local mafia. The setting of the game is New Bordeaux (renamed New Orleans) with many distinctive places we worked on such as French Ward, Frisco Fields, or Pointe Verdun.

Mafia 3 also has Czech roots, as the game was developed by many of the original Hangar 13 employees and Fanatic Games further helped keep the Czech imprint in this famous series. Similarly to the Mafia Remake, we designed cars and environment of New Bordeaux and also, we worked on scenes of high significance in the story line of the game.


Developed by Pterodon and Illusion Softworks, Vietcong came out in March 2003. It was one of our earliest projects on which we worked for several months. During this time period, we created an entire scene from the interior of building to the exterior of the scene itself. Vietcong was named the eight-best PC game of 2003 by Computer Games Magazine and within the first four years, it sold more than million copies.

Euro Truck Simulator

You could say that we are professionals in designing cars for games – and that is true even for SCS Software’s Euro Truck Simulator. Released in 2008, Euro Truck Simulator takes you to a depiction of European cities to which the player picks up and delivers a wide variety of cargo. The game features European truck models from Mercedes-Benz (Majestic) to Scania R-series (Swift) that we worked on. And not only that, we also designed the cars that pass by when you deliver cargos and the buildings you see in the game’s open world.

Arma 3 Apex

This DLC to Arma 3, an open-world military sandbox, came out in July 2016 and in its first month, it became the best-selling game on Steam. One of the main features of this expansion are weapons and we designed most of them – those include AKS-74U, AKM, LIM-85, or RPG-7 launcher. Apart from that, Bohemia Interactive also added a new map Tanoa, new uniforms and gear, and also 10 new vehicles ranging from aircraft to ground vehicles.

Armored Aces

This free-to-play tank multiplayer game by i6 Games came out in 2015 and it quickly became a hit on iOS and Android platforms. It features over 100 tanks and we designed most of them. Playing Blitzkrieg and driving a TIGER or M1A2 Adams? We did those from scratch, from the environment to the tanks themselves. Moreover, you can play Blitzkrieg and other game modes with friends on both iOS and Android, as it has a cross-platform feature.  

We are Fanatic Games, game graphics experts since 2000. In our over twenty-year experience, we have worked on dozens of projects from big AAA titles to smaller mobile games. The six titles above are only a drop in the sea of our work. Entrust your game graphics to professionals. Contact us here!