Latest Trends in Video Games

A lot has changed since the first video games came out in the late 1950s. One of them was called Tennis for Two which was played with a very simple controller on an old CRT television. Nowadays though, we play games on huge 4K screens with headset featuring 7.1 surround audio and other gimmicks people in 50s could never dream of. But what are the latest trends and technologies these days? The following paragraphs will take a look at exactly that.



In the past decade, we’ve seen a huge progress in computing power and graphics hardware and along with these comes a trend towards more and more realistic games. Because of that, graphic designers are required to replicate the modelled object as accurately as possible – not only the model itself, but also the actual presentation, visual quality, and texture. 

Moreover, it puts significantly higher demands on the model itself. A decade ago, there used to be a limit of 10-20 thousand tris per model. Nowadays though, it is as much as 150 thousand tris and in combination with a realistic texture, it can take up to two months to create one character.

It is not limited to characters only, as it works the same with other objects like weapons. It used to be enough to put a rounding effect on the edge of the object, but today, even those have to be properly modelled.

Virtual Reality

Even though it technically became a thing several decades ago in military and medicine, a proper VR headset for gaming was not successful until 2012 when the Oculus Rift was released, shortly followed by Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset. Especially the last five years were huge for VR Gaming, as franchises such as Grand Theft Auto or Doom became available to play through headset technologies.

At first, such headsets were rather expensive, but that is changing now, and they are becoming more and more affordable. Moreover, this year, Sony is releasing its second generation of PlayStation VR, which promises even more realistic gaming experience. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to VR, as it can really change the way we play and perceive video games.

The Metaverse

According to Forbes, there are several companies (Meta, Microsoft) that are talking about big plans to create immersive online worlds for work and leisure so that people can partake in every form of entertainment. Such things are already happening, as last year, Epic’s battle-royale game Fortnite hosted an in-game live concert or movies.

Games like Fortnite are ready to repurpose themselves as something people call “platforms”, to allow players to live their life inside of them – to engage in socializing, chatting, and other types of shared social interaction. That is, however, what the developers want – to hook the players into their games and tie them inside of them.


Several companies such as Square Enix or Ubisoft announced that they are working on bringing non-fungible tokens to their games. Such implementation will let players get (win, buy, earn) unique in-game items and consequently trade them for different ones.

There is a big portion of gamers who do not like this, as it will increase the number of microtransactions in games. It will also make the games more demanding, because a lot of processing power is required to run blockchain algorithms that make NFTs work.

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