Hiring the perfect game art studio for you

We at Fanatic Games proud ourselves on our experience and expertise. We make sure that the work we do for our clients always meets or exceeds their expectation. But this begs a question – how do you select the game studio for you? How do you know that the studio you’re looking at will be up to snuff? And why might Fanatic Games be the ideal studio for your use-case?


Estimate and Assess

When your project is at its start, it is necessary to have a vision but also good estimates of, well, basically everything. Do as much research as possible – find out where your weak and strong points are, what you can and cannot do. Identify cases which you can do on your own more effectively, but make sure that you are correct. If you find that you cannot deliver on what you need, consider outsourcing – and that’s where an external studio, like Fanatic Games, comes in.

If you’ve done your homework correctly, you will have no problems communicating your needs with the studio. Ensure that the studio does have the technologies, experience, expertise, manpower, dedication, and track record that you need and can afford. Next, communicate all of this with them and talk as openly as possible in order to prevent future problems or issues. You don’t want to delay your project because of something that could have been solved within a few e-mails!

Cooperate to the Death

Once you click with an external developer, cooperate with them as much as possible. Make sure that they understand your vision and goals, game art style, music style and so on. Remember – outsourcing is a complicated machine, and it needs maintenance to work properly! But also remember to enjoy the time – it makes working easier!

Depending on the size of your project, you may find freelancers on various forums or websites that will be ideal for your project. However, a decent game studio may also be able to help you with that as well – and more effectively. They tend to be more experienced and have experts in various areas so that your project gets the attention and expertise it needs.

What’s in this Summer?

We aren’t blind to the current trends and fashion in the videogame industry. We know that mobile gaming is steadily on the rise; that gamers are getting more and more demanding and that there is a number of good games already. That is why we adjust and learn so that we can stay on top of the game.

No leader has ever stayed in the lead by stagnating. That word is barely in our dictionary! We also have experience with VR graphics which is one of the ways the industry is moving. Don’t ever become trapped in the past with us!

Why Fanatic Games?

We pride ourselves on ticking all the boxes our clients need. We do everything in our power to deliver exactly what was agreed on and in the time negotiated. You just can’t beat over 20 years of experience! But we are also aware of the fact that every client is different – so we do our best to diversify and satisfy every kind of client we can. That is why you should contact us – only by doing so can we offer the ideal solution for your and find out if we are up to the challenge (spoiler: we certainly are!).

Fanatic Games can offer you a number of professionals with confidence and background in game art and graphics. Don’t just believe what we say; look at the work we have done for our numerous clients!

One of the projects we are most proud about is Mafia III and its DLCs. Not only did we get a chance to work on a game from our childhood (Mafia 1 shaped us!), but we got a chance to shape one of our favourite series! You can also find our name on other such titles such as Assassin’s Creed, DayZ, ARMA 3, and others. It is very likely that you play a game that we have worked on!

Other than “just” games, we also not afraid to work on other projects, such as advertising campaigns and mobile applications. We can create almost any 3D or 2D assets for your project, be it a marketing campaign or a VR application. Fanatic Games is also not a stranger to videos/movies and animations!

Get in Touch!

If we have caught your fancy, please, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are sure we can provide all you need for your project and maybe even more! We’d be happy to offer you our expertise and experience so that your users and players can enjoy the best the industry has to offer.