Writing a Project Brief for a Game Art Outsourcing Company

A project brief is the very first step in your planning. It outlines the concept of your project, its objectives, or budget. But what exactly should a project brief for a game art outsourcing studio look like and what information should it contain? Such questions and more will be answered in the following paragraphs!


The Basics

Thanks to our experience, we at Fanatic Games know that a well-done brief contains several parts that should always be included when handed to the game art outsourcing studio. The very basic thing is to have firmly set technical requirements such as the number of tris, the size of the textures, the format of the textures and models, or whether it requires LODs. Moreover, if the game development company has a workflow in mind and wants the outsourcing studio to follow it, then the workflow needs to be clearly described and defined.  

Although the preparation of a thorough project brief can be exhausting and demanding, it will definitely pay off for the client, as it will eliminate any confusion and can prevent any unjustified negative feedback.

Technical References

What accompanies setting the technical requirements are references that are necessary for completing the project. If the object we are preparing is an object that exists in the real world, the references are most often photographs. If the object does not exist, the photographs are replaced by the so-called concept art, which is prepared for the proper creation of the 3D object. The concept art can be either provided by the client, or it can be done by the game art outsourcing company.

Avoid Misunderstandings

To avoid any misunderstanding, communication between the client and the outsourcing studio needs to be effective and precise. The client should always confirm that the outsourcing company understands the task and at the same time, the outsourcing company should also make sure that they understand everything.

We at Fanatic Games always try to understand the client’s idea. That is why it is important for us to know more about the videogame, for example it’s playstyle, video game characters, or the setting. What we also recommend is a video meeting where small nuances, that otherwise could have been lost in writing, can come to light.

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