Who and Why Outsources Game Graphics

Outsourcing game graphics is becoming more and more common these days simply because it brings many benefits to the table. But before we get into explaining why outsourcing makes a ton of sense, let us first take a look at who actually uses this service.


Who Outsources Game Graphics

The service of outsourcing game graphics is usually used by medium-sized or large game development companies. The reason is quite simple – their projects are very complex and demanding when it comes to the number of artists, so instead of the lengthy process of hiring new employees, complex administration, and finding a bigger office space for all the new personnel, they choose to hire an outsourcing studio. Either as a one-off to help meet the deadlines, or even for the entire duration of the development process.

The chosen outsourcing studio then supplies the individual components that the in-house staff tweaks and integrates into the levels of the game. That gives them the control of the quality and also of the final look of the game. 

Not so often, outsourcing is used by small, often new studios trying to break into the market. After receiving the initial investments for the new game, it is very often quicker and less risky to hire an experienced outsourcing studio – at least for the most graphically challenging elements of the game. 

Why to Outsource

There are many reasons for outsourcing game graphics. As stated in the previous paragraphs, it saves time, as you do not have to go through the hiring process of new employees, and also finances, because the outsourcing team already has all the necessary equipment and software to work with.

Moreover, deadlines in the gaming industry are sometimes quite tough and if a developer is behind its schedule, they may choose to outsource a part of the development process. Such cases are usually short term like half a year, and for such a relatively short time, it would not make sense to hire more in-house artists, which would also include buying new equipment and find larger premises. Furthermore, outsourcing studio can start working in a matter of days, so the help is basically instant.

And regarding hiring new artists – it is really not that easy to find good ones. Even if they present a bulletproof portfolio, you never know what they end up like and if they are a good fit for you game. Because of that, it is safer to hire someone who is already experienced and has a team of high-quality graphic designers.

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