We can guarantee that you and your kids will enjoy KATAMARI for a really long time.This strangeness was born in Japan, a country where the most interesting games were born. Japanese games might be strange, funny, illogical but original and awesome. That’s what is Katamari like. So what is it about?



One day, the king of the universe and your father in one person who looks like a gigantic rolling pin painted all over calls you – a tiny prince son – and gives you a difficult task: to put back in the sky all the stars that disappeared. How should you do that? It is easy-peasy. Just take a look around you and start sticking to “a magic ball” as many things as you can.

There’s time limit. Since you are a royal son, nice and obedient, you do your best to complete your daddy’s tasks. So you start collecting objects around you. In the beginning, you get a ball of a certain size and you need to enlarge it to a specified size within the time limit. If you succeed, you can either finish the level and continue or you can keep making the ball bigger. Ok, where’s the fun? There are at least two reasons why doing it is fun. Controlling the ball isn’t that easy. There is one lever to control which  direction is the princ moving and one to control which direction is the ball rolling (it is similar to controlling a tank).

You need some time to get used to such controlling style but it makes it fun. First you can collect only small objects such as Mahjong blocks, drawing pins, bits and pieces and as your ball gets bigger, you can collect increasingly bigger objects. However, the rule is that the objects has to be smaller than your ball at all times. After a while the game gets faster and faster and you move from collecting plates, chairs, tables, fences to collecting people walking their dogs, mothers with prams, cats, horses or cars. A short while later your gigantic ball collects houses, streets, motorways, skyscrapers, islands etc. …