We specialize in individual graphic assets for games, as well as technical passages – unwraps,
LODs, retopologization, collisions and many others. We can integrate everything directly into the
game engine. Even after 20 years of experience, we do not rest on our laurels and are still trying
new procedures and tools for more sophisticated results.

We’re not afraid to step out of the game zone and work on videos and animations for (not only)
movies and commercials.

  • Array2D art
    Our artists can help turning your ideas into visual form thanks to concept arts, matte painting, classical illustration or digital drawing. Either for specification of the design and graphic style of your project or as a base for your 3D graphics.
  • Array3D assets
    Creation of games‘ 3D assets, both low and high-polygonal or very low-polygonal for mobile games. Assets for movies and advertising projects. We have specialists in environment, weapons, vehicles, architecture, props or characters.
    We focus on maximum optimisation of models and textures while maintaining the highest quality.
  • ArrayMobile applications and games
    We can also prepare for you smaller or mobile applications and games. Which is what we have tested on a few promo games for companies like Granko or ČEZ.
  • ArrayDigital advertising design
    Rich 3D and 2D experience offered themselves to be used in creation of visualisations or product presentations, animations, presentation videos or post-production work. Skoda Auto is one of our key clients.
  • ArrayVirtual reality
    We transfer your project or artwork into virtaul reality or we prepare your product for presentation in the VR environment.