Outsourcing: Revealing Fanatic Games’ Know-How

Outsourcing game graphics is becoming more and more popular these days and Fanatic Games has been in this business for more than twenty years. Since we are as experienced as it gets, we’ve decided to reveal a part of our know-how to give you an idea of how the behind-the-scenes works.



First of all, it is necessary to understand all the details of the project and the work the client expects us to do. Thanks to our experience, we’ve prepared a list of general points we submit to the client for completion.

Afterwards, a good practice is to discuss all the parts internally with the people in senior positions who will be in charge of the project. Once that’s done, they try to envision how the project would be handled. Thanks to that, they can come up with any missing information the client needs to provide to move onto the next stage.


The consultations themselves give us around an 80% idea of the final pricing of our work on the project. After taking into account the additional information from the client, we can internally go through the project again and determine how to approach it. Afterwards, we can optimize the process so that the resulting workflow also leads to an optimized price for the client.


While working on a larger project, one of the biggest challenges is organization – managing the graphics properly and making sure that the client can see the progress we’ve done at any point in time. To ensure that this works, we at Fanatic Game have a very specifically tailored internal system which the client has always access to. 

However, arguably the two most important things for any outsourcing company are team management and quality control. And this is something no one should skimp on, as that is essential for oversight over the technical and graphic correctness of the project.


We at Fanatic Games always listen to the client’s feedback. Even though the client can do as good a job as possible while writing the project brief, there is usually something that needs to be fine-tuned.

That’s why we like to do one testing asset first, with our supervisor in close contact with the client. Together, they can discuss the client’s suggestions which is then incorporated into the asset. That way, we get a better idea what the client expects from us graphically as well as technically, and where the pitfalls of the project might be.

Once we know the client’s requirements, we can start a large-scale production where the supervisor can transfer the acquired knowledge to individual graphic designers. And that’s one of the benefits of outsourcing – you don’t need to train all the people and instead, train one who can pass on the experience to others.

Looking for an experienced studio? Hire Fanatic Games

We at Fanatic Games have been in business for over two decades now. Throughout the time, we’ve established a bulletproof system that ensures the client always knows at what stage of the project we are and if needed, they can provide us feedback which we immediately take into account.

Thanks to that, we can ensure smooth cooperation and seamless communication. Hire experienced professional, hire Fanatic Games, your reliable partner in game graphic outsourcing.