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Gaming Industry in December: AC Valhalla DLC, New DualSense Controllers, and F2P PUBG

December was held in the spirit of preparations for new year 2022. At the same time, we were continuing our newly acquired long-term cooperation with one of our newest client. During December, we successfully set the conditions for 3 new collaborations which will start in January 2022. Other than that, we took some time off for our Christmas holidays to prepare for a new amazing year.

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Hiring the perfect game art studio for you

We at Fanatic Games proud ourselves on our experience and expertise. We make sure that the work we do for our clients always meets or exceeds their expectation. But this begs a question – how do you select the game studio for you? How do you know that the studio you’re looking at will be up to snuff? And why might Fanatic Games be the ideal studio for your use-case?

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