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Gaming Industry in August: Mafia, A Plague Tale, or PS VR2

The month of August was in many ways our strongest month, even though summer is considered one of the weakest periods, we did our best and exceeded our results. After a year, we finished one of our long-term projects and started working on two new ones. In the last quarter, we would like to maintain a similar pace as was set during this year. We are currently working on 8 projects and are always looking for new opportunities, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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Covid Impact on Gaming & the Growth of Outsourcing Demand

Covid-19 pandemic has started at the end of 2019. Since then, it has influenced every single sector in the world, including the videogaming industry. This article looks into the ways covid has influenced gaming during the last three years and also into one of the secondary effects of the pandemic – the increase of outsourcing demand.

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July in Gaming: A Plague Tale, The Last of Us, or God of War

The summer season is running, but instead of the „silly season“ we continue at Fanatic Games in full swing. We have a large part of the team allocated to long-term projects. The other part of the team is currently working on three projects, while the biggest news of this month was the start of cooperation in processing of 3D clothing models from one of the important historical periods. We are currently planning to start several new collaborations and we are preparing ourselves for last periods of the year.

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Who and Why Outsources Game Graphics

Outsourcing game graphics is becoming more and more common these days simply because it brings many benefits to the table. But before we get into explaining why outsourcing makes a ton of sense, let us first take a look at who actually uses this service.

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June in Gaming: Dragon’s Dogma, Starfield, or Skate

June was a very productive month for Fanatic Games. We continue our long-term partnerships, and, in the meantime, we have re-established cooperation with 2 of our previous clients. We started working on two mobile titles focusing on LP models of characters and buildings. Currently we are working on 8 projects, and we are preparing for next ones. If you are interested in working with us then please reach out to me to discuss more details, we are getting close to 100% capacity.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Game Graphics

Game development is a lengthy process that can take several years or more, so releasing a part of your burden by outsourcing game graphics is a great way to shorten the process, save money, and put more focus on other parts of game development. In this article, we will check out the benefits of outsourcing game graphics.

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Gaming Industry in May: MW II, New Witcher Game, or Record Profits

The month of May took place in a similar spirit as the previous months, so that a substantial part of the team works on long-term projects for several of our clients. We have started a couple of new cooperations in May. In the first one, we are preparing 3D assets of clothing and props from Roman times for our client. The second new cooperation we established is about processing of 3D objects from airports. We are currently in the process of negotiating two more new collaborations. At the moment, it looks like a very productive summer season in Fanatic Games as we are currently working with more than 20 artists. We are very grateful for all the trust we receive from our clients.

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Introduction of Our Services

We are Fanatic Games, game graphics experts since 2000. In our more than twenty-year history, we’ve gained a lot of experience from clients all around the world. Our company specializes not only in individual graphics assets for games, but also we have a pretty good idea about technical passages such as LODs, collisions, or clever arrangement of unwraps to avoid creating unnecessarily large textures while maintaining good pixel density. Thanks to the rich experience, our graphics designers are able to create intriguing art that easily catches the eye of the players. But what services do we exactly offer?

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April in Gaming: Modern Warfare II, Cyberpunk Sales, or Sony Investment

The month of April was important for Fanatic Games for several reasons. One of them is the extension of a long-term cooperation with our German client. Another significant event is the increase in the number of artists in one of our long-term collaborations. We have also started two new collaborations, one of which is focused on the processing of realistic clothing, and the other one on the processing of airport surroundings. At present, we are pleased to say that we are fully booked and are already planning projects for the coming months.

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Basic Skills of 3D Graphics Artists

Creating 3D graphics is a part of the initial stages of the game development. It is also a very important stage, as creating memorable characters or interesting weapons can greatly influence the success of the game. The people responsible for those are called 3D artists. But what does it take to be one? Well, being a 3D artist requires a particular set of skills, such as creativity, having sharp attention to detail, or for example having spatial imagination.

3D graphics artists tend to focus on certain things only. Those who lean on the technical side usually create weapons or vehicles, while those who are more artistic focus on characters. Let’s take a look at some types of artists and what basic skills does their job require.  

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