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April in Gaming: Modern Warfare II, Cyberpunk Sales, or Sony Investment

The month of April was important for Fanatic Games for several reasons. One of them is the extension of a long-term cooperation with our German client. Another significant event is the increase in the number of artists in one of our long-term collaborations. We have also started two new collaborations, one of which is focused on the processing of realistic clothing, and the other one on the processing of airport surroundings. At present, we are pleased to say that we are fully booked and are already planning projects for the coming months.

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Basic Skills of 3D Graphics Artists

Creating 3D graphics is a part of the initial stages of the game development. It is also a very important stage, as creating memorable characters or interesting weapons can greatly influence the success of the game. The people responsible for those are called 3D artists. But what does it take to be one? Well, being a 3D artist requires a particular set of skills, such as creativity, having sharp attention to detail, or for example having spatial imagination.

3D graphics artists tend to focus on certain things only. Those who lean on the technical side usually create weapons or vehicles, while those who are more artistic focus on characters. Let’s take a look at some types of artists and what basic skills does their job require.  

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Gaming Industry in March: New Witcher Game, Ascension DLC for Returnal, or Redesigned PS Plus

March was our most successful month so far. We increased the number of artists in several of our long-term projects and at the same time we started communication and test processing with two new clients. Among other things, we are currently completing three major projects related to the processing of cars, custom room creation, and processing of stylized outfits for characters.

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Dos and Don’ts of Outsourcing

Game development is a lengthy process that can take several years to finish. So releasing a part of your burden by outsourcing game graphics is a great option to shorten the whole process and focus on other aspects of game development. Before we go through what you should outsource and what you should not, let’s briefly summarize what are the main benefits of the actual outsourcing.

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February in Gaming: Next-Gen Cyberpunk, PSVR2, or Financial Reports

February was in the name of flat-rate cooperation. After discussion with our long-term client from Central Europe, we have successfully increased the number of artists in our cooperation. Other than that, we are finalizing conditions for our cooperation with our new client from Germany. Moreover, we are finishing the creation of several 3D highly stylized outfits for our client from United Kingdom. We are very grateful for all the trust our clients put in us and we are always open to new opportunities.

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TOP Czech Games We Worked On

Since 2000, we’ve been game graphics experts and the top outsourcing company in the Czech Republic. Throughout our twenty-year experience, we’ve worked on dozens of projects from first-person shooters to racing games – games such as Mafia, Vietcong, or Euro Truck Simulator. In this article, we summarize some of the most interesting projects we worked on during our rich history.

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Gaming Industry in January: Huge Acquisition, Share Drop, or a New Union!

January was the month of the beginning of a new long-term cooperation with our new partner. We are also continuing several of the collaborations we started in the previous year, and at the same time we are finalizing a consultation with three of our new potential partners, with whom we will start cooperating in February. We would like to wish you a happy start to the new year and much success in your activities.

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Creating a Concept Art for Videogame Characters

Design of characters is a standalone area of design, as it creates the basis of the character. The concept artist should not only be a professional in terms of drawing, but also have profound knowledge of human anatomy and most importantly physiognomy. To make a character unforgettable, we need to consider a lot of factors, such as the aging process, drawing the head and face, or styling.

Drawing a perfect character takes a lot of time and practice. At least that’s what we think at Fanatic Games. This article provides an overview of the must-knows for properly creating a video game concept.

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Gaming Industry in December: AC Valhalla DLC, New DualSense Controllers, and F2P PUBG

December was held in the spirit of preparations for new year 2022. At the same time, we were continuing our newly acquired long-term cooperation with one of our newest client. During December, we successfully set the conditions for 3 new collaborations which will start in January 2022. Other than that, we took some time off for our Christmas holidays to prepare for a new amazing year.

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Hiring the perfect game art studio for you

We at Fanatic Games proud ourselves on our experience and expertise. We make sure that the work we do for our clients always meets or exceeds their expectation. But this begs a question – how do you select the game studio for you? How do you know that the studio you’re looking at will be up to snuff? And why might Fanatic Games be the ideal studio for your use-case?

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