Introduction of Our Services

We are Fanatic Games, game graphics experts since 2000. In our more than twenty-year history, we’ve gained a lot of experience from clients all around the world. Our company specializes not only in individual graphics assets for games, but also we have a pretty good idea about technical passages such as LODs, collisions, or clever arrangement of unwraps to avoid creating unnecessarily large textures while maintaining good pixel density. Thanks to the rich experience, our graphics designers are able to create intriguing art that easily catches the eye of the players. But what services do we exactly offer?


3D Assets

The service we specialize on is the creation of 3D assets. We have rich experience with AAA production, and we create 3D assets not only for games, but also for movies and advertising projects. When it comes to games, we are capable of creating high-polygonal assets, assets for gaming consoles and PC, and also low-polygonal 3D assets especially for mobile games. We have specialists in weapons, vehicles, architecture, props, characters, or environment. Our focus is put on maximum optimalization of models and textures, while maintaining the highest possible quality.

2D Art

Our artists are also capable of creating 2D art. Our artists are skilled professionals who can help turning your ideas into visual form. That can be done thanks to concept art, matte painting, classical illustrations, or digital drawings. 2D art can be created as a basis for your 3D graphics, or as a specification of the design and graphics style of your project.

Mobile Games

As you might have guessed from the previous paragraphs, we also work on mobile games. However, we can also prepare some smaller application. When it comes to mobile games, we have cooperated with companies such as Granko or ČEZ to create smaller mobile games. Moreover, we have worked on Armored Aces, a free-to-play multiplayer game developer by i6 games. It features more than 100 tanks and we designed most of them, such as TIGER or M1A2 Abrams.

Why to Choose Fanatic Games

We are game graphics professionals for more than twenty years. Our long history gave us a lot of experience and also a lot of projects we worked on, including several AAA titles. We have worked on games such as Assassins’s Creed, Call of Duty, Uncharted, or Mafia. With portfolio like that, you can be sure that your project will be in the best hands.

Thanks to our reliability, the cooperation with us will be smooth as butter, and we can guarantee meeting deadlines and only the best results. Moreover, our projects are always supervised and as a result, we can offer a consistent quality of our products. In the over twenty-year history, we are becoming one of the most recognized graphics studios in the Czech Republic with over 30 graphics designers. So, entrust your game graphics to Fanatic Games and contact us here!