How to Minimize Risks When Outsourcing Game Graphics

Hiring a game art outsourcing company is becoming increasingly more popular these days, as it provides many benefits such as time and cost savings or new technologies and skills. But how to choose a suitable one to hire? Well, such decision is subject to many factors and one of them, that you might not have thought of at first, is the risks the outsourcing could entail. And that’s what this article is all about, to explain the risks and the ways Fanatic Games minimize them!


Bulletproof NDA

We at Fanatic Games always sign NDAs (or non-disclosure agreements) with our clients, which is either prepared by us, or by the client, so that they feel that everything is covered for them. But that is not all, we sign NDAs on both levels – with our client and even with all our game graphic designers separately to ensure maximum protection of intellectual property.

Data Security and Protection

Signing NDAs is one thing, but it is equally important to store the data safely. We at Fanatic Games decided to choose to preserve and transfer the data for the client, because this company is known for its quality encryption and data protection.

For work, we use our own hard drives that are also encrypted and cannot be, under any circumstances, used on-line without permission. All work, including project management, is then stored on the not-freely-accessible Monday system, which meets all the security requirements – and moreover, it is used by many big corporation as well.

However, we customized the Monday system so that it ensures maximum protection for our client. Each our graphic designer sees only the most necessary information needed to complete the task. In order to protect our client, we don’t even disclose to our graphic designers which client we are currently working for. On the other hand, the client always sees the current status of the project, or the work done on individual assets.


Location? Why should one care where the company is from? Well, that actually could be very important when checking out your outsourcing partner, as some states do not uphold the rule of law. That means that every person or company is accountable to laws that could be enforced, and which are consistent with international human rights principles. And Fanatic Games is from the Czech Republic, a country that upholds the rule of law!


We at Fanatic Games put big emphasis on communication and transparency. That’s why we always encourage our clients to honestly communicate with us, especially in terms of security, and put forward any issues they might have regarding the security of the data. Or any other problem for that matter!

Hire Professionals, Hire Fanatic Games

We are Fanatic Games, game graphics experts from the Czech Republic. We will do whatever is needed to uphold the integrity of client’s intellectual property rights. We guarantee quality output and maintaining the ethical and security of any data entrusted to us. Fanatic Games has been in the business for over two decades and throughout the time, we have developed a bulletproof portfolio of several dozens of games. Contact Fanatic Games to ensure your project will be in the best hands.