Gaming Industry in September: Death Stranding 2, Dead Space, or The Witcher 3

September was in the name of new cooperations, as this part of the year is always very productive. We’ve launched three new collaborations, two of which are about highly realistic props and vehicles, and the third is about stylized props for stylized mobile game. In addition, we continue our long-term cooperation. We are currently in the process of starting negotiations for a new year collaboration, so if you think you might need some help with outsourcing your art, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Best Tools for a 3D Artist


Creating 3D art is no paradise, but there are numerous applications that can make it easier. Nowadays, 3D artists use apps such Autodesk 3D Max, Zbrush or Blender. What else do they use?

TOP Five September News

Every month brings dozens of pieces of news for the gaming industry. Down below, you can read five of them we find the most interesting.

People around Hideo Kojima started teasing their new game with cryptic messages, which is the usual way of teasing for Kojima Productions. Sources claim that this project is Death Stranding 2 whose first installment released around three years ago. In the message, there is a face of Ellie Fanning, suggesting her role in the Kojima’s new game. As with Death Stranding 1, we can expect a beautiful graphics in Decima engine as well as some revolutionary gameplay mechanics and storytelling.

CD Projekt RED confirmed that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series version of The Witcher 3 is still being released this year. It was originally announced in September 2020 with an expected release date in 2021. After a series of delays, the studio outsourced the game to Saber Interactive this April and later announced this year’s release date. Fans can look forward to enhanced graphics, 60FPS framerate and 4K resolution.

The Dead Space remake is coming in early 2023. In the newest blog post, the developers shared an interesting news about the camera in the game. They say the remake will play out over one continuous shot the entire time, just like the 2018 God of War. That means no loading screens and no breathing room between the segments, which will create a whole new level of atmosphere.

After just a few years, Google decided to shut down the streaming service Google Stadia as it “hasn’t gained the traction with users that we expected.” The end date is set to January 18, 2023, so players still have some time to finish their games. Google is known for cancelling their projects like Google Play Music or Picassa, so Stadia is just another one on the list. 

E3 conference had a year off in 2022, as it did not happen at all. Next year though, it is set to take place from June 13th to June 16th. The event organizer ReedPop announced the news on Monday. It will also be back in-person again in Los Angeles and there will be dedicated days for gaming fans to check out the new projects.

Statistics and Chart of the Month

In the last decade, eSport became very popular not only among players, but also viewers on streaming applications and websites. The statistic below shows the difference between male and female viewers in the United States as of September 2021. As you can see, there is five times more avid male viewers and more than twice as much casual fans among the male viewer community.

Equally interesting is the chart below showing the faster mobile gaming apps to generate 100 million dollars. The top position is held by Honor of Kings and Ni No Kuni: Cross worlds. What many people would consider an easy first place is however a second one – Pokémon Go.      


Quote of the Month


Fans and even several gaming journalists consider the remake of The Last of Us an unnecessary one. That’s because the game came out in 2013, so not even ten years ago. Moreover, the game got a remastered version for the PlayStation 4 a year later. Among such journalists is for example Jason Schreier, who after just 4 days after the release of the remake tweeted: “Alright, I think it’s been long enough: it’s time for another remake of The Last of Us.”

Number of The Month

Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most anticipated games of the last decade, did not live up to its expectation. However, despite that, the game managed to sell over 20 million copies as of September 2022.

Photo of the Month

Released in 2008 exclusively for PlayStation 3, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift featured 16 diverse tracks and a huge selection of off-road vehicles. The game takes you to locations such as beaches, jungles, or waterfalls. Moreover, it sold over a million units in just a few weeks.


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