Gaming Industry in November: Call of Duty, The Witcher, or PS VR2

November was full of exciting cooperations, we launched a new cooperation focused on realistic 3D characters for one great IP. Another interesting project in which we started to participate is focused on the creation of 3D boats. Our main goal for 2023 is to constantly improve in all areas of our activity to always deliver the best possible service for our clients. On behalf of all Fanatic Games employees, I would like to thank all of our clients and all of you who subscribe to our newsletter. Enjoy the rest of the year and have a wonderful New Year and Merry Christmas.

Learning Resources for a 3D Artists


Becoming a 3D artist has never been more accessible than it is today. Nowadays, you can study programs at college to prepare you for this job, you can attend an online course, or you can even self-study on YouTube.

TOP Five November News

Even though the end of the year is approaching, there is no shortage of news in the gaming industry. Check out five pieces of news we regard the most interesting down below!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II released at the end of October and after just three days, it set a new record when it crossed $800 million in sales, making it the biggest Call of Duty launch ever. The sequel to the 2019 Modern Warfare also manages to surprise with its almost-real-life graphics, as the Amsterdam mission was compared to the real life city.

Even though the PlayStation 5 is very hard to come by in the shops, Sony is reportedly working on a “Slim” version that could be released some time in 2023. Forbes claims that Sony’s focus is to reduce the size and weight. Also, it should use less voltage and run cooler which always comes in handy. The release is then rumoured for Q3 2023 so it is not that far off.

The long wait is finally over. CD Projekt RED officially announced the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series version of its biggest hit – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It will offer two resolution modes, one in 4K and 30FPS, and the second one in dynamic 4K 60FPS. Moreover, we can look forward to having new quests as well as other improvements that will be announced later.

Ubisoft shared some information about the upcoming remake of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, the fan-favorite game with Sam Fischer. The game is still in the production phase, but for its 20th anniversary, the studio released a video confirming that the original story will remain exactly the same. However, the AI will be dramatically changed, as it will “simulate the different kinds of behaviors and reactions from the enemies.” The release date of this anticipated remake is still yet to be announced.

PlayStation VR 2 finally has a release date that has been set to February 22nd, 2023. Sony has also announced its hefty price – $599.99 for a bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain. So far, there are launch games announced, including The Dark Pictures: Switchback, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, or Jurassic World Aftermath. Sony has, however, confirmed that launch will be even richer, as there will be over 20 games to choose from.

Statistics and Chart of the Month

Video games are played by billions of people. But what are the main reasons? In the statistic down below, you can see that most people play games in their free time, others do it to relax, and – that is what we suspected would occupy the first place – to play games as a hobby.

Twitch has been the leading platform for streamers for years now. There are hundreds of millions of viewers every month and the chart below shows the most watched games. Unsurprisingly, first place is occupied by Fortnite. Second place, after a huge gap, holds Grant Theft Auto V closely follow by GTA Online.     


Quote of the Month


Fans of Kratos and the Scandinavian mythology finally got what they were waiting for, as early in November, God of War Ragnarok released. The release was a big one as well, and Jason Schreier confirmed that in one of his tweets: “It’s a tremendous game and expected to be a much-needed big fall hit for the video game industry, which has seen slumps this year due to the economic downturn and a lack of big releases.”

Number of The Month

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 released in the second half of November and in just five days, over 25 million players tried it out.

Photo of the Month

Originally released in 2016, Mafia 3 tells a story of Lincoln Clay who is living in a fictional city called New Bordeaux. You are a Vietnam veteran and after being forced to return to a crime life, you help your family fight the local mafia. In connection with Mafia 2, you fight alongside its protagonist – Vito Scaletta.


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