Gaming Industry in January: Returnal, Silent Hill II, New Switch

In January, we successfully completed two of our long-term cooperations, and at the same time, we started working on new ones. Our current production is primarily focused on realistic buildings, character assets and also on stylized props. We are currently open to communication regarding new collaborations, so please feel free to contact us. We will immediately prepare estimates for processing your individual project.

How a Zipline Came to Life – A Case Study


Choosing a game art outsourcing company might not be a simple thing to do. So we made it easier for you! This month’s article is about how we work when designing a piece of art – a case study about how we designed a zipline, from a 2D sketch to the final 3D design.

TOP Five January News

The year 2023 is here and the gaming industry is as fresh as ever. Down below, you can read five most interesting pieces of news from January!

The remake of Silent Hill II will stay faithful to its original release when it comes to story. We can expect huge changes in the graphics department though, as they game will be built anew from the ground up. „A big visible change is the adoption of an over-the-shoulder camera, which altered the perspective of a few iconic set pieces, but also meant an overhaul to the combat system,“ claims Anna Jasinska, a marketing chief of the creators of the game Blooper Team.

Journey to the Savage Planet will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles in mid-February. Players can look forward to 4K resolution with 60FPS, improved textures, graphics, better viewing distance, and animations. Owners of old-gen version can update the game free of charge.

Nintendo will release a successor to Switch in mid-2024. At least the Japanese website Nikkei claims it in their article. According to the report, Nintendo is already in talks with component suppliers to being the production. The new Japanese console could feature a rumoured eight-core Tegra239 chip which would bring a significant increase of graphics power.

Ubisoft confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development despite several games being cancelled in the last six months. The game was announced more than fifteen years ago, but first real information was shown five years ago on E3 with a gameplay video a year later. We will see if the game will ever be released.

Sony is finally bringing Returnal on PC on February 15th. It was announced in a PlayStation Blog post in which the developer Housemarque announced support of Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR. It will also feature support for Ultrawide resolution at 21:9 and Super Ultrawide at 32:9. This rogue-lite game was originally released in 2021 exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Statistics and Chart of the Month

Fans of numbers are going to like the following paragraphs. Down below, you can see a statistic about the share of internet users worldwide who play video games, sorted by age. What is interesting is that around 66 % of people between age 55-64 play video games regularly. Obviously though, video games are most popular among people between 16-24 of age, out of which almost 9/10 reported playing them.

As interesting is the following chart about the 2022 Global Games Market which confirms the trend from the previous years – the region Asia-Pacific is dominating with almost 50 % of the market share, followed North America and Europe.    


Quote of the Month


The fans of Baldur’s Gate, the role-playing video game, are already looking forward to this year, as the third instalment will be released after more than twenty years. That is something Jason Schreier noted as well, commenting it on twitter. “If I could go back in time and tell my teenage self that in 2023 he’d be getting ready for Baldur’s Gate 3 he’d be like ’cool but I think you mean 2003.’”

Number of The Month

PlayStation 5 has been around for more than two years. Sony has announced that since November 2020, they managed to sell over 30 million units of PlayStation 5.

Photo of the Month

Released on September 5, 2013, Call of Duty: Strike Team is a tactical shooter for devices with iOS and Android. The story is set in the Black Ops story arc in 2020, with players leading a US Joint Special Operations Team after the United States are attached by an unknown enemy.


Fanatic Games


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