Gaming Industry in February: Wo Long, Metroid, GT7

February was yet another very productive month for the gaming industry industy. In this article, you can read about what game got announced, which one got released, or how many units another one managed to sell. But that’s not all we got for you. Read more in the following paragraphs!


TOP Five February News

In early March, action game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is releasing on all relevant platforms. It will feature several resolution options for consoles as well as quite benevolent PC system requirements that need “just” GTX 1650 as the minimum. As for the consoles, all options use temporary reconstruction rendering which helps keeping the framerate and resolution stable. Resolution mode for PS5 and XSX runs natively at 1440p with 60FPS target. It is not as stable as the resolution option though, which runs at 60FPS and 1296p – a common resolution for FPS modes.

Sony held a State of Play during which the Japanese company showed several new titles for PlayStation VR 2 that came out at the end of February. Moreover, it was announced that the racing game Gran Turismo 7 will get a VR version featuring specially optimized HDR tone mapping, foveated rendering from the eye-tracking PS VR feature and dynamic 3D audio support.

Hogwarts Legacy released in early February and since then, it managed to sell over 12 million units. Time taken into account, it is doing significantly better than for example Elden Ring, which as of the end of February managed to sell 20 million copies. However, it is not doing as well as Grand Theft Auto V, as from 2013, it achieved over 175 million units.

Out of nowhere, Nintendo announced and released Metroid Prime Remastered exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It features crisper lighting effects, brighter colours and of course higher resolution and framerate in comparison to the first GameCube release in 2002. Thanks to GameSpot, we can see the face to face comparison of both versions, showing that the new version has been rebuilt from the ground-up.

Ukrainian studio Frogwares had to delay its upcoming game Sherlock Holmes The Awakened due to electricity shortages. „We had been trying so hard to make our planned release window, but the continual interruptions to power on top of the frequent missile attacks since October meant we had to replan and reschedule almost every month,“ said Frogwares head of publishing Sergiy Oganesyan. The situation is explained in a video the studio published. The new release date is schedule for the end of March.

Statistics and Chart of the Month

The video game industry is a huge one, which proves the chart below. It shows the Global Games Market in 2022 from the point of view of platforms. As you can see, half of it is represented by mobile games with revenue of over 92 billion dollars, followed by 28 % of console gaming and 21 % of PC.

Gaming subscriptions are one of the faster-growing gaming segments, outpacing video game purchases and in-game purchases when it comes to annual growth rate. From the statistic below, it is estimated that 2023 will bring about 5 % increate in growth compared to last year.


Quote of the Month


Hogwarts Legacy was released in early February and on Metacritic, it is sitting on 88/100 for the Xbox version and 84/100 for the PS5 one. What most reviews criticize is the enormous amount of things you can do in the game. And so does Jason Schreier. “Like most games these days, the whole thing is way too bloated,” claims Schreier on Twitter.

Number of The Month

Microsoft stopped reporting the sales of their consoles several years ago, so we have to rely on third party companies to report the numbers. According to Ampere Analysis Insights, Microsoft managed to sell 18.5 million units of Xbox Series X|S, which is a lot less than Sony’s 30 million PS5s.

Photo of the Month

Released in August 2018, Vigor is a free-to-play survival shooter originally developed for Xbox One by the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive. Later on, it got released on PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch as well. The goal of the game is to stay alive and upgrade an abandoned shelter that will protect the player against the harsh environment, surviving longer than other players.


What’s Going on in Fanatic Games

February was a month of new opportunities. We’ve started several new collaborations, most of which should last most of 2023. At the same time, we’ve successfully completed two of our long-term collaborations this month, one of them has succesfully came to alpha version with our help. We are currently able to recruit one or two new collaborations, so if you are considering art outsourcing, then I would love to arrange a call with you to discuss it further.

Fanatic Games


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