Gaming Industry in August: Mafia, A Plague Tale, or PS VR2

The month of August was in many ways our strongest month, even though summer is considered one of the weakest periods, we did our best and exceeded our results. After a year, we finished one of our long-term projects and started working on two new ones. In the last quarter, we would like to maintain a similar pace as was set during this year. We are currently working on 8 projects and are always looking for new opportunities, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Covid Impact on Gaming & the Growth of Outsourcing Demand


In 2019, the world was hit by the covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to that though, the perception of gaming has shifted. Nowadays, gaming is seen as something that keeps us in touch with family and friends and at school, it is no longer seen as a hurdle to education. What else did the pandemic bring to the gaming industry?

TOP Five August News

Gaming industry brings every month something interesting and August was not too shabby at all as well. Down below, you can read five pieces of news we regard the most interesting.

2K Games announced a new entry in the Mafia series. It is in development in Hangar 13 studio – the same team that developed Mafia: Definite Edition and Mafia III. General manager Roman Hladík confirmed the new game in a blog post celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise. However, the game is “a few years away,” as Hladík said alongside the announcement. 

In 2013, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were announced and released. At some point, Microsoft stopped publishing the sales of their console and until now, there was no definite breakdown of the sales figures, especially in comparison with the PS4. However, Microsoft itself states that Sony sold more than twice as much PS4s than the Xbox One’s lifetime sales. That means less than 58.6 million units, because Sony announced the PS4 sales to be 117.2 million.

Asobo Studio announced that it A Plague Tale: Requiem has gone gold ahead of its October release. Thanks to that, there is no worrying about any possible delay and the developers even have some time to tweak bugs before the release with a day 1 patch. A couple weeks back, Asobo also announced that the game is releasing only on current gen consoles to fully take advantage of them, meaning that we can expect beautiful graphics as well as features not possible to have on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation VR2 will release in early 2023. Although expected by the whole gaming industry, the Japanese company waited for the official announcement until now. It will feature 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view visuals with foveated rendering. We can look forward to having an OLED display with resolution of 2000×2040 per eye and framerates of 90/120hz. The launch of the headset will be accompanied by Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a spinoff to the Horizon franchise.

The Last of Us Part I’s launch trailer has arrived a few days before its actual release. The remake of the 2013’s original game will feature much better graphics, new UI for enemies, and also full haptic support for DualSense controllers. In the not-so-distant future, Sony plans to release this game on PC as well, which is reportedly the main reason why Naughty Dog made this remake in the first place.

Statistics and Chart of the Month

People interested in numbers will certainly find the following paragraphs appealing. In the statistic below, you can see consumer spending on video games worldwide, with a prediction up to 2025.

As interesting as the statistic above is the chart below. It shows the reasons why people play video games. Interestingly enough, the first place belongs to passing time, closely followed with having fun and relaxing.      


Quote of the Month


In September 2021, KOTOR remake was announced with a 2022 release date. This date seems highly unlikely at this point. However, PC Gamer in one of its articles claimed that the game could still be coming this year. Jason Schreier on Twitter crushed this dream though, as he said that “The Knights of the Old Republic remake is absolutely not coming this year.”

Number of The Month

From Software newest Souls game Elden Ring was released at the end of February and as of June 2022, the game managed to sell over 16.6 million copies.

Photo of the Month

Released in 2019, Vigor is a free-to-play shooter game that was originally developed for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. A year later, the game came out to PlayStation consoles as well as Nintendo Switch. Vigor is a battle-royale game developed by the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive and during its first year, it was played by over 4 million people.


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