We are pioneers of outsourced graphics for the gaming industry


Our team specializes in individual game graphics assets ready for integration, individual technical sectors like unwrap, LODs, retopologisation, collisions… We provide  the actual integration into game engines.
We have also plenty of experience with movie graphics, advertising and creation of animations and videos.

  • ArrayMobile applications and games
    We can also prepare for you smaller or mobile applications and games. Which is what we have tested on a few promo games for companies like Granko or ČEZ.
  • ArrayDigital advertising design
    Rich 3D and 2D experience offered themselves to be used in creation of visualisations or product presentations, animations, presentation videos or post-production work. Skoda Auto is one of our key clients.
  • ArrayVirtual reality
    We transfer your project or artwork into virtaul reality or we prepare your product for presentation in the VR environment.
  • Array2D art
    Our artists can help turning your ideas into visual form thanks to concept arts, matte painting, classical illustration or digital drawing. Either for specification of the design and graphic style of your project or as a base for your 3D graphics.
  • Array3D assets
    Creation of games‘ 3D assets, both low and high-polygonal or very low-polygonal for mobile games. Assets for movies and advertising projects. We have specialists in environment, weapons, vehicles, architecture, props or characters.
    We focus on maximum optimisation of models and textures while maintaining the highest quality.


We always strive to understand fully the needs of a client, to put ourselves in his ideas and offer him a corresponding quality within his time and financial constraints.
The projects we worked on are a clear proof of our success.


We value our clients and their trust with which they put the work into our hands. We would like to thank them for that again.


A few examples which represent our graphic works in individual categories. We will glad if you find them appealing and give us an opportunity to create similar ones for your project.


The company was established already in 2000 by the pioneers of game graphics and thanks to this long tradition we can offer a vast experience. Our aim was always the primary focus on client satisfaction and a perfect work organisation so the client becomes satisfied not only with the graphics but also with a smooth process of cooperation and timely delivery.

Our passion for graphis hasn’t abandoned us even after so many years and our team is highly motivated to keep looking for new approaches and tools on how to make the job of highest quality and efficiency. We want to satisfy clients and excite gamers. And become the most respected studio for 3D graphics in Czech Republic along the way.

Please contact us and convince yourselves.


CEO, Founder & Art Director


Business manager

Referent, junior 3D artist


Senior character artist


Senior 3D artist


Senior 3D artist


Senior 3D artist

Senior 3D artist, animation, UI designer, skript


3D graphic artist, concept art, matte painting


3D artist

We are looking for talented graphic designers experienced in 3D graphics to strengthen our internal and external teams. A graphic designer should be able to create visually intriguing and technically precise models and stylized or realistic PBR textures.


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