We’ve been game graphics experts since 2000. During that time, we’ve gained a lot of experience
for clients from all over the world. We’ve helped to enhance the gaming experiences of dozens of
projects such as Mafia, Call of Duty, Day Z, Arma, Assassin’s Creed and many more. Even after all
those years, we’re still enthusiastic and thanks to our inner soul of gamers, we can easily get
invested deep in the projects.

We know very well that our work can inspire not only clients, but also players themselves. Thanks
to our reliability and quality of work, we can guarantee a smooth course of cooperation, timely
delivery and perfect results. We’re gradually building a well-deserved position as the most
recognized studio in the field of 3D graphics in the Czech Republic and we want to be among the
best abroad.

Contact us and see for yourself.


CEO, Founder & Art Director


Business manager

Referent, junior 3D artist


Senior character artist


Senior 3D artist


Senior 3D artist


Senior 3D artist

Senior 3D artist, animation, UI designer, skript


3D graphic artist, concept art, matte painting