Assasin´s Creed: Valhalla – to buy or not to buy?

This bloody slaughter from the Viking times in the 9th century AD offers a long story to the players. It takes „only“ 60 hours to finish the story line so if you want to explore the entire game, there’s a lot of work ahead of you. The first part of the series is made for the new console generation.


The Ubisoft Studio together with Darby McDevitt, a screenwriter, gained experience from previous series of Assassin’s Creed. There have been 12 of them since 2007. This time the story is set at the times of Vikin raids in today’s England. It reminds us of well done passages from the God of War series before the game turns into bloody slaughter. What a nice memory!

What went well?

1/ Good story line

2/ Amazing and varied graphics of cities, towns, sights and natural wonders

3/ Great audiovisuals, sound and musical background

4/ Excellent depiction of gloomy and cruel atmosphere in England 

What went wrong?

1/ The first 6 hours of the game are quite lengthy, we spend them in some kind of prolog in snow-covered Norway. A bit boring. But then it takes a sharp turn.

2/ Thumbs down for poor animation and facial expressions. We miss details and believable moves and gestures.

3/ Occasional attempts to joke didn’t go very well.

Available for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Xbox OneXbox Series X,  Google Stadia and PlayStation 5